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A Company You Can Call Home.

Inside MyDailyChoice

Culture & Community

Culture and community are the backbones of MyDailyChoice. Our mission is to be a company that our leaders can always call “home.” Josh and Jenna both began their MLM careers out in the field, and they continue to lead from the trenches every day. The result is a unique company culture that is 100% dedicated to helping our Affiliates win. This field-first ideal is at the core of what makes MyDailyChoice and our company culture so unique. It's what guides every decision at the home office.

Different From the Rest

Not only did Founders, Josh and Jenna Zwagil start from the field, but they broke all the rules and went against the grain when building MyDailyChoice. Typically, Network Marketing companies build up their corporate infrastructure first before they attract leaders. MyDailyChoice built the field first, and corporate second. With $100 million in sales in just the fourth year of business and a compensation plan that pays out up to 85% of business volume, MyDailyChoice has become an industry-leading movement with a mission to help everyone win.

Executive Team

Josh Zwagil

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Jenna Zwagil


Kathleen Earle

Chief Operating Officer

Josh Zwagil

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Josh Zwagil brings knowledge, dedication, and a tremendous leadership skillset to MyDailyChoice. When it comes to having a fun, energetic, creative, and enthusiastic leader, Josh is one of the best in the game. Josh has been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 20 building teams in the network marketing industry of near 50,000 distributors worldwide. Josh has a background of software, merchant processing, internet marketing systems, and Network Marketing.

He founded MyDailyChoice in 2014 with a mission to create a unique opportunity that would have a major impact in the Network Marketing industry. Josh embraces the spirit of entrepreneurship and is an expert chess player under the United States Chess Federation. His ability to think one move ahead is one of the reasons why MyDailyChoice became the #1 Fastest Growing MLM in 2018.

Josh enjoys playing chess, fishing, traveling, and spending time with his family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jenna Zwagil


Jenna Zwagil brings a unique leadership skillset and personality to MyDailyChoice. With a Bachelors degree in Marketing, Jenna has been a successful Network Marketer and Social Media Influencer for the last 10 years in the Network Marketing industry.

Jenna Co-Founded HempWorx due to her own health journey with the products which ignited a movement that helped take sales from $9.6 million in 2017 to $100 million in 2018. Jenna also ranked on the Top Income Earner list for Network Marketing as #1 for 2018. It’s her mission to bring the HempWorx products to the rest of the world while empowering people to achieve their goals.

Jenna likes spending time with her family, writing music, reading, and inspiring others.

Kathleen Earle

Chief Operating Officer

Kathleen Earle brings corporate experience and leadership to MyDailyChoice. She is an energetic and driven Executive who is exceptionally skilled at implementing new strategies to increase productivity and profitability within an organization. A visionary leader, she is dedicated to operational, sales, and marketing excellence in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

With 25+ years of MLM experience in markets around the world, she has worked with some of the largest and most successful companies in the industry. While passionate about acquiring the best talent in the industry, she loves to work hard, have fun, and leave a lasting impression. Kathleen has a Marketing Degree from Canada and a Global Business Degree from UOP.

Kathleen spends her weekends hiking, kayaking and spending time outdoors with her family. She is a creative enthusiast and enjoys working on new projects in her home and loves a great challenge.

Corporate Administration

Chris Baum

VP, Global Sales & IT

Scott Johnson

VP, Marketing

Joel Theler

VP, International Expansion

Derek Jorgensen

Senior Director, Supply Chain

Lupe Guerrero

Director, HR

Ben Lebeau

Director, Customer Care

Founded by Affiliates, for Affiliates.

Leadership is undoubtedly what makes MyDailyChoice so unique. Josh and Jenna Zwagil didn’t begin their careers in the corporate world and then simply take the reins of a Network Marketing company. They both started out in the field as Affiliates, learning what it was like to build a network and a business. It’s that field experience that has enabled them to create such a unique opportunity.

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