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Buy, sell, earn, send and spend crypto.

The Complete Bitcoin & Crypto Experience

Buy, sell, and trade over 40 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin on a regulated, secure exchange with some of the lowest fees in the industry.

CoinZoom VISA Card

We've made spending crypto easier than ever with our true cryptocurrency debit card that allows you to select from over 40 cryptocurrencies to spend and is accepted at over 53M merchants worldwide.

Card Benefits

  • Our debit card allows you to spend your crypto like you spend your cash.
  • Select Bitcoin or any other crypto in your spend wallet on our app, swipe your card, and we instantly convert your crypto to USD at the point of sale.
  • That’s not all – depending on what card you select you’ll earn 1-5% back in crypto on every single purchase.
  • Spend crypto, earn crypto. It’s that simple.
  • And much more...

Digital Banking Experience

  • Ditch your traditional bank. We’ll bridge the gap between your USD and crypto by putting them in one easy-to-manage place.
  • Setup direct deposit to your CoinZoom account.
  • Withdraw funds instantly to any Visa debit card with CoinZoom Instant.
  • Earn crypto every time you spend with the CoinZoom Visa card.

CoinZoom Earn

  • Invest in crypto, earn crypto.
  • Earn interest on over 40 coins.
  • Utilize CoinZoom Earn and receive up to 7.50% APY on your cryptocurrency and USD deposits.
  • Plus, CoinZoom VIP customers can earn up to 20% in bonus interest.

CoinZoom App

  • Buy, sell, and trade on the go
  • Easily spend crypto on your virtual CoinZoom Visa card
  • Send money and crypto for free to your friends and family anywhere in the world with a touch of a button
  • One-click feature to earn interest on your crypto holdings
  • Available in iOS and Android
Are you ready to master digital currency?